Dressing To Impress: Men's Fashion In The New Year

By R Atkinson

With Christmas right around the corner, it can only mean one thing; a New Year is dawning. In the world of fashion a New Year provides great opportunity, a chance to change an image, freshen up looks and give your wardrobe a good spring clean.

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I am a huge fan of a lot of the big named labels, which is why I constantly find myself keeping up to date with the latest styles and the newest introductions to men's fashion. It is refreshing to see in a New Year and witness the changing fashion seasons. However, for the everyday man who is not as concerned as me as to Fashion and its ever-changing demands, keeping up to date with everything and ensuring your look stays fresh can be a daunting and highly time-consuming task.

With some of the leading fashion labels having already released their collections for Spring/Summer 2014 I have decided to break down my personal favorite trends in order to help give you an idea of what is in and what is out.

Below are my top picks that I personally think will dominate the early part of the New Year...

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  • Floral Patterns- A daunting concept for some of the more macho men but floral patterns seem to be making a huge impact on men's fashion. Prada's show 'Menacing Paradise' showed off just how big floral patterns are set to be with shirts that echoed the Hawaii of decades past. If a floral shirt is a little too much for you then consider a little dose of flower power here and there but either way this is set to be a big trend amongst the fashion fanatics in 2014.

  • Double Breasted Blazers- The classic styles are always favored by many and no matter what happens; they never seem to fully go out of fashion. In the new season, double-breasted blazers are set to make a huge comeback; in fact the entire wardrobe of the classic sixties man is set to be fully embraced in the New Year. As a fan of quality, timeless gentlemanly attire; this is one of my personal favorites.

  • Colors- For the quiet and reserved gentleman, bright colors may seem a little much but this season they are set to be vital in the world of fashion. Think a little splash of color- Burberry showed us how at their recent show by pairing the signature brown Burberry coat with bright green jumpers and so on- an eclectic mix but a great way to brighten any wardrobe.

The above are my personal picks of what I believe will no doubt be leading must have items in the world of men's designer clothing in 2014. Whether you like to keep your wardrobe updated or just wants an insight into what you can do to maintain the latest trends; check out all of the latest collections from leading designers. Above all embrace your own personality in your fashion choices so whether it is a little of the above points, a lot of the above points or perhaps even none; make your fashion your own.

Winter Fashion Tips for Men

By Shaan Berg

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Despite the bleakness that winter can sometimes exude, there are so many things that people love about the coldest season of the year. Snowflakes, being with the family by the fireplace, cozying up with a loved one - these are just some of the reasons why there are people who are endeared to winter. For some, though, they love this season because once again, they'll be able to pull out those winter clothes from their closet.

For men who are into fashion, they also carefully choose the outfits they wear whenever they step out into the cold and in the snow. If you're a guy who wants to look stylish even during the snowy season, here are tips you can follow to avoid committing winter fashion faux pas:
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Don't replace the classic winter hat - There are enterprising hat makers that can commit a terrible fashion crime of creating novelty hats that look atrocious. The major priority when getting a winter hat is functionality. You're wearing one primarily for protecting your head from extreme cold and not to make your head a showcase for silly-looking headpieces. Stick to classic winter hats like fedoras, ski caps, bowlers, and newsboy hats.

Leather up - Battling the elements like snow can be best done by wearing clothes with synthetic fibers. And wearing a leather jacket is a no-brainer. What's great about leather is it has the 2 essential F’s: fashionable and functional. If your budget allows you to purchase only one or two leather jackets, choose black for its color so it can be paired with anything you wear inside.

Wear your vest - During winter, you can wear your best by wearing your vest. These sleeveless pieces not only add extra protection against the cold, but can also be an excellent additional fashion piece to your overall getup.

Wear a scarf - A scarf is another piece that can both protect you from the cold as well as provide a good accent to your attire. The neck is one of the foremost areas in our body that releases heat. Containing that heat with a scarf can help keep your body warmer. Of course, you have to learn how to tie your scarf properly.

Boots to boot - Your getup for your trek in winter wonderland won't be complete without a pair of boots. Don't make the mistake of wearing those UGG boots, lest you elicit second long but awkward glances. There are plenty of pairs out there that can make you look all dressed up and with somewhere to go.

Winter fashion doesn't have to be tricky. The key is to stick to the basics and not to go experimenting on pieces that will turn you from fab to drab.